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Where can I find help if we’re having financial difficulties?

Go to Financial Support. There you’ll find a list of organizations that offer help to acquire assistive technology equipment (Bellows Fund), college scholarships, vehicle conversions and emergency assistance. You’ll also find government programs that can help you meet a variety of other needs.

Where can I donate the used equipment I no longer need?

Donate or find equipment and assistive technology after its initial use. Facebook Buy & Sell Group – MN Special Needs Equipment for Sale

Where can I learn more about employment opportunities?

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development can help you. Its Vocational Rehabilitation Services unit can help you prepare for, find and keep a job, and live as independently as possible. With the right kind of training, preparation and workplace accommodations, people with disabilities can have rewarding careers.

Do I need a social worker? How do I get one and what are the benefits?

Contact your county social services department and complete the necessary paperwork. Social workers are also available at Gillette and most hospitals. Social workers help identify community resources for services, provide education and emotional support to caregivers, and help determine the strengths and needs of families.

Can I have children if I have cerebral palsy?

Yes, many adults with cerebral palsy have children and lead very typical lives.

What causes cerebral palsy? Can it be prevented?

Cerebral palsy is caused by an injury to the brain during pregnancy, around the time of birth, or shortly after birth. The following injuries may be contributing factors to developing cerebral palsy: infection during pregnancy, jaundice, RH incompatibility, oxygen shortage, stroke, toxicity, bleeding, kidney infections, and urinary tract infections. Some of these factors can be avoided by receiving proper prenatal, labor and delivery, and post-natal medical care. You can learn more about cerebral palsy.