We offer assistive technology services for children, teens and adults who have disabilities and complex conditions that began during childhood. Collaborating with Gillette therapists and other specialists, our certified orthotists, prosthetists and seating practitioners support comprehensive care. We also work closely with patients, families and community professionals to design custom solutions for each patient’s needs. Some of the orthoses we supply most often are:

  • Custom Wheelchair Seating and Power Wheelchair Controls

Seating and mobility equipment helps patients improve function, comfort, mobility and health. At Gillette, options include manual wheelchairs with custom seating, power wheelchairs with custom seating and controls (including “sip and puff” breath-controlled technology), walkers, standers, lifts, feeding chairs, and other equipment…Learn More >>

  • Mounts for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Devices

AAC refers to any form of communication that improves, supports or even replaces speech and writing. AAC includes electronic and nonelectronic communication aids. The systems can be as simple as a set of pictures or as complicated as a device that generates speech. AAC also encompasses many strategies that patients and caregivers can use to facilitate better communication. At Gillette, many of our patients who have complex conditions that affect speech can benefit from evaluations for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices…Learn More >>

  • Orthoses (Braces)

Orthoses provide correction of disorders of the arms, legs or spine by using braces and other devices to correct alignment or provide support. Some of the orthoses Gillette supplies most often are ankle-foot orthoses, The GilletteCranioCap® orthosis for deformational plageiocephaly (flat head syndrome), spine and cervical orthoses, specially designed footwear and inserts, splints…Learn More >>

  • Prostheses (Artificial Limbs)

A prosthesis is an artificial limb such as a leg, foot, arm or hand. The device can help patients perform daily activities such as walking, eating or dressing. At Gillette, we’re experts at designing and making prostheses for children, teens and adults and educating patients on their use. We work with the following prostheses: Myoelectric and body-powered arms and hands, passive arms and hands (to help young children balance, push objects and become used to wearing a prosthesis), leg and foot prostheses and specialized sports equipment…Learn More >>

  • Protective Headgear

The Gillette CranioCap® (a custom-made brace for the skull) is an orthosis used to treat deformational plagiocephaly.  Deformational plagiocephaly, also called flat head syndrome, is a condition in which a baby’s head has an uneven or irregular shape caused by external forces. If an infant has mild plagiocephaly, the condition usually corrects itself. If the flat spot is significant, or fails to correct itself, infants can begin wearing a Gillette CranioCap® orthosis. Flat head syndrome is often associated with another condition, torticollis, which occurs when the muscle on the side of the neck is shortened or tightened…Learn More >>